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Wife Seeks Death Penalty for Husband Who Pushed Her Off Cliff

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BANGKOK – A Chinese woman is calling for the death penalty on her husband after he allegedly tried to murder her by pushing her off a cliff at the Pha Taem National Park in Northeastern Thailand.

Wang Nan, 32, who was three months pregnant at the time, survived a 34-metre fall at Pha Taem National Park in June after her husband pushed her off a cliff.

Her unborn child was miraculously unharmed.

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Her 33-year-old husband, Yu Xiaodong, was arrested by Thai police for attempted murder on June 17 after an investigation revealed that he had wanted her fortune of (£2.5 million) to pay off his gambling debts.

Wang Nan, sustained fractures in her left thigh, arm, collar bone and knees.

Following weeks of treatment, Wang is able to move her right arm and speak, but is still unable to move both her legs.

She had recently been transported to Bangkok for further treatment, according to Beijing News.

‘He committed intentional murder. And it’s not only my life, it’s also my child’s life too,’ Wang told reporters.

‘For his intentional attempt of murder, we hope he gets the death penalty,’ she said.

At a hearing in Thailand last Wednesday, Wang claimed that her husband had planned her murder.

Arrested for Attempted Murder

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Yu, who was from a poor family, accumulated more than (£116,000) in debt from gambling and asked Wang to help him repay it, but she only agreed to pay half, giving him motive to kill her.

During their trip to Thailand, Yu brought her to several national parks and appeared interested in looking at the cliffs, she said.

However, she found this behavior odd because he had a severe fear of heights.

Wang initially told officers that she had fallen off the cliff after passing out.

However, police in Thailand suspected foul play in the incident, according to Asia One.

Pushed Off Cliff

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Officer Innara said police found the husband suspicious after noticing him standing at a distance from the scene as rescuers helped his wife after the fall.

An interpreter also overhead Wang saying to her husband at hospital: ‘Why did you do that to me?’

Wang is now under the care of her parents after the harrowing incident.

Doctors assured the woman that her fetus remains in stable condition, but the family worries that the medication and anesthesia used in her emergency surgeries would harm the child.

In Thailand, the Thai Criminal Code states that any person who kills or tries to kill another person can get the death penalty or imprisonment for a period of 15-20 years.

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