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Wife Charged in Murder of Her 84 Year Old Japanese Husband

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Japanese Man Murdered

BANGKOK – Police investigating the death of an 84 year old Japanese man, have arrested his Thai wife in connection with his murder.

On Wednesday, police arrested Poranee’s brother in law, Mr Sampan Jaemjaeng, 47, who later confessed to the murder.

He also alleges that she promised him Bt40,000 (US$1,600) for the killing of kill her Japanese husband.

Ms Poranee Napadol denied she was involved in the murder of her 84 year-old Japanese husband, Mr Kazuo Yoshioka.

He was found dead at their home in Wiset Chai Chan on Tuesday. Forensics officers revealed Mr Yoshioka died after his throat had been slit.

Police have also arrested another suspect, who is said to be a neighbor of the victim.

The warrants were issued after forensic officers found bloodstains on property belonging to Ms Poranee’s younger sister.

Police revealed the property is located opposite the home Poranee shared with Mr Yoshioka, where he was found murdered.

Paranee’s younger brother Theerapong defended his sister, saying there was no reason for her to have had her husband killed because the couple had a loving relationship.

He said Sampan might be implicating her out of anger because she had refused to become a guarantor for the purchase of a motorcycle.