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VIDEO: Frenchman Arrested in Pattaya for Stealing Huawei Smartphone



PATTAYA – Police arrested a French tourist Thursday after  he tried to steal a Huawei smartphone at a shopping centre on Wednesday night.

Meriem Laurent, 40, was charged with theft or stealing a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone, Police Captain Jenrop Wanthongsankha told reporters.

The incident happened at about 9.30pm, Mr. Laurent, was allegedly pretending to check out various models of mobile phones on display when the theft occurred. He allegedly snatched the 31,900-baht Huawei phone from a booth while its vendor was distracted at the IT shopping centre.

As an alarm was attached to the phone, it rang and the vendor ran after him. Later, other people in the mall helped stop the Frenchman. The theft was also caught by security cameras.

He was charged with theft and residing in Thailand without proper documents.

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