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Three British Tourists in Terrible Accident on Way to Airport



The crash happened when their taxi, which was taking them to Bangkok airport to return home


BANGKOKA paradise holiday to Thailand has ended in horror when a taxi taking three British women to the airport crashed leaving one of them with a broken back.

The crash happened when the taxi, taking the girls to Bangkok Airport for the return flight home, collided with a car which had crossed lanes on a dual carriageway.

Crash victims: Natasha Smith, Kayleigh Waugh and Ruth Ginn were on a paradise holiday
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Miss Waugh, a midwife from Lincoln, fractured her lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine in the accident, and had to have her back screwed and pinned.

The two friends that she was traveling with, Ruth Ginn and Natasha Smith, both 27, said they were extremely lucky to escape the smash with minor whiplash injuries.

Kayleigh Waugh, 27, is laid up in a Bangkok hospital recovering from a number of fractures to her back, which has had to be pinned and screwed back into place.

Medics are now anxiously waiting to see if Miss Waugh has delayed internal injuries before making a decision to discharge her.

From her hospital bed in Bangkok, Miss Waugh wrote on Facebook: ‘Thank you so much to everyone for all the comments and texts – I am absolutely overwhelmed.

Reading through them is definitely helping me keep positive. My back has been screwed and pinned back into place and is stable now – although I’m being observed in case of delayed internal injuries.

‘The hospital has been really great and the doctors and nurses are all very kind.’

David Ginn, Miss Ginn’s father, said: ‘We received a call at home at around 6am on the Monday morning. It was Ruth and she was very tearful.

‘We’re very lucky Ruth only has minor injuries. It’s a parent’s nightmare when their kids are a long way from home and an accident happens.

‘Ruth has some bruising in the abdominal area and a bit of whiplash but obviously it is Kayleigh and her family we really feel for. Anything could have happened with a crash like this.’

Miss Waugh will now remain in hospital for at least another week as she recovers from surgery.

She will also have to wait for police and medical reports to be filed.

The taxi driver escaped without injury.

In Thailand 124,855 people were killed in road traffic accidents between 2000 and 2010 meaning that on average there were over 12,000 deaths a year from road traffic accidents during this period.




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