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The Amazing Race in Phuket



Sisters Liz (left) and Marie Canavan escaped elimination this week on "The Amazing Race."

Amazing Race 19 contestants left Indonesia finally and headed to Thailand tonight. One team had trouble throughout the whole show but were saved from elimination.

The show started tonight with the teams heading to Phuket, Thailand after a two week stay in Indonesia. Andy and Tommy were the first out of the gate again but made some mistakes with their airline schedules and it put them 1 hour behind the rest of the field

. The first stop was a Marina and all the teams were lined up to get the clue when it finally opened at 8am. The first clue revealed a challenge.

Teams could choose to set up Beach Chairs and umbrellas or make a Coral garden underwater. Most teams went with the coral and some had to quit and try setting up the Beach Chairs. Sandy and Jeremy and Marcus and Amani had to give up making the coral garden when neither could successfully work their challenge.

This didn’t put them too far behind though as Liz and Marie had all the locals rolling around laughing as they couldn’t lift the heavy chairs or unfold them. It was pretty comical seeing how fragile these two were. Of course, Andy and Tommy were the first to finish this section and they were foo to the second clue, which was a roadblock.

The roadblock tonight had one member of each team scaling a vertical wall to get the clue that would lead them to the pit stop. Lots of contestants had problems here but again, Tommy and Andy breezed right through. They were the first tema to reach the pit stop and received $5000 dollars each. The rest of the field slowly came in and below are the complete results:

Team Finishing Order
1. Tommy and Andy
2. Jennifer and Justin
3. Sandy and Jeremy
4. Laurence and Zac
5. Ernie and Cindy
6. Amani and Marcus
7. Bill and Cathi
8. Liz and Marie

Even though they were last, Liz and Marie find out that this was not an elimination round so they will stay on for another week. Check back next week for another update of Amazing Race 19.

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