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Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration Incinerates 16.467 Tons of Seized Narcotics



AYUTTHAYA – Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration incinerated 16.467 tons of narcotics in Ayutthaya, Wednesday to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

The ceremony was held at at the Utilities and Environment Management Office of the Bang Pa-in Industrial estate and chaired by FDA secretary general Doctor Tharet Krutnairawiwong.

The drugs disposal ceremony was witnessed by foreign envoys and representatives of government and associated private agencies, including the Royal Thai Police.

The FDA chief said that the destroyed drugs came from 6,910 separate cases and were worth about Bt20 billion.

They broke down to 12.369 tons of meth, or about 137 million meth pills, 3.443 tons of crystal meth, 143kg of ecstasy pills, 44kg of cocaine, 258kg of opium and 193kg of other miscellaneous drugs.

The the FDA chief added that the burning process was carried out using pyrolytic incineration at temperatures of 800C.

The FDA chief said in the speech that the Public Health Ministry would also rehabilitate drug addicts after their arrest. This year, the ministry aims at providing drug rehabilitation to 219,275 addicts, breaking down into 136,725 who voluntarily agree to receive rehabilitation, 56,550 who are ordered to and 26,000 prison inmates.

From October 1 2018 to June 18, 2019, the Public Health Ministry has reportedly rehabilitated 133,962 drug addicts or 61.09 per cent of all addicts arrested.

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