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Thailand’s Cyber Police Take Down Online Gambling Syndicate



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Thailand’s Cyber Police have arrested 18 people in a raided two houses being used as bases for an online gambling syndicate in Pathum Thani on Monday morning.

A Cyber police spokesperson said investigators had learned that two houses were being used by a gambling syndicate operating a network offering online gambling sites and betting on football matches.

Cyber police armed with search warrants issued by the Thanyaburi Court in Pathum Thani raided a house in the Phum Pirom Housing Estate and a house in the Thanya Pirom Housing Estate in Thanyaburi.

They arrested 18 people running the operation. They also seized 16 computers, eight luxury cars and 11 million baht in cash for further examination.

The suspects were all charged with illegally operating online gambling and violating the emergency Covid-19 decree.

A Cyber police spokesperson said assets acquired from illegal gambling could be seized under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Police Take Down Euro 2020 Online Gambling Site in Northern Thailand

Meanwhile, Police in northern Thailand took down an Euro 2020 betting site and arrested two men in Mae Sot district of Tak on Wednesday. They were charged with hosting online gambling during the Euro 2020 football tournament.

Immigration police arrested Mr. Siwa Malipuang, 36 and Mr. Siwakorn Meesiri, 22, and seized equipment used to link with an online betting network.

Police impounded six desktop and notebook computers, 19 ATM cards and 19 bankbooks. They also found about 200 grams of marijuana in the house. The raid was led by immigration police commissioner Pol Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang.

He said the suspects confessed and said they worked as administrators for the online gambling website. They handled 10-20 million baht worth of bets per month.

The Online gambling administrators were hired by foreign gambling networks, operating at many locations along the western border in Tak, the immigration commissioner said.

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