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Thailand’s Cyber Police Take Down Facebook Hackers

The suspected Facebook scammers had posted ads for jobs to entice their victims into applying and divulge data in their ID card and their telephone number, Cyber police said.

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Cyber Police have arrested hackers who have scanned personal data on Facebook then conned victims out of money. The suspected scammers had scammed close to 34 million baht.

Cyber police arrested Wuthiwat Chuenmano and Chawankorn Ra-ngapphai on fraud charges. Their arrest follows complaints over unauthorized access to victims’ Facebook accounts.

The suspected Facebook scammers posted ads for jobs to entice their victims into divulging their personal information. The victims information was used to open e-wallet accounts. They would then scam the victims Facebook friends for money.

The police advised people, who seek a job via an online application, never to send personal data to others. Facebook password should not copy a cellphone number or be related to the personal data.  The password should of a complex nature.