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Thailand To Return 16 Tonnes Of Cannabis Seized From Drug Offenders



Thailand To Return 16 Tonnes Of Cannabis Seized From Drug Offenders

(CTN News) – In Thailand, the police are giving drug offenders their cannabis back. As a result of cannabis being legalized, sort of, Thailand’s Office of the Narcotics Control Board plans to return 16 tonnes of confiscated marijuana to its original owners, according to Secretary-General Wichai Chaimongkol of the board. Stockpiled cannabis is valued at 110 million baht.

Thailand has delisted all parts of the marijuana plant as a Category 5 narcotic yesterday. More than 3,000 “cannabis convicts” were released after growing cannabis at home became legal. Having no longer be illegal, the ONCB has a special plan for 16 tonnes of confiscated cannabis, including its THC-rich flowers…

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On June 9, marijuana was de-classified as a category 5 narcotic. The ONCB is now returning assets to offenders for 99 marijuana cases. The assets are worth 110 million baht.”

Currently, 16 tonnes of marijuana are awaiting return at ONCB offices around Thailand. Marijuana was confiscated between October 1 2021 and May 27 2022. Cannabis is no longer a drug, so it must be returned to its owners.”

Wichai said ex-offenders need to request their cannabis back from the ONCB office in Din Daeng or the provincial office where the drug case was filed.

Although Wichai is still against the recreational use of cannabis, he says that because the plant is no longer an illegal drug, it is only fair that confiscated cannabis be returned home. Cannabis is intended for medicinal use, he explained.

Sorry to break it to you, Wichai, but we aren’t convinced that mountain of cannabis will be used ‘medicinally’.

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