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Thai Restaurant Owner Shoots and Kills His Wife and Stepson Over Debt

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Thai restaurant owner, Thailand

A Thai restaurant owner in Northeastern Thailand has shot and killed his wife and stepson before surrendering to police at the crime scene. Police said the shooting took place at a restaurant on Mahachai Damri Road in Maha Sarakham.

When police arrived at the scene, the alleged shooter had locked himself inside the building. Reportedly fired a round to warn officials against getting too close.

The Shooter was later identified as Udomsak Thepharat, 31, owner of “Nai Hua Krua Pak Tai” Thai restaurant.

At the scene Police found Udomsak’s nephew Pholkrit Chukerd, 18, who had been shot in the back, lying in front of the building. He was rushed to Maha Sarakham Hospital and is now in stable condition.

Over 100 police cordoned off the area, while negotiators spent hours talking to the shooter to turn himself in.

Upon surrendering to police they found the dead bodies of Mr. Udomsak’s wife and stepson. Ms. Pranit Khong-In, 43, has gunshots to the head and neck. Her her son, Thanit Khong-In, 23, also had gunshots to the head and chest.

According to the Nation News, Udomsak also surrendered a 9mm handgun reportedly used in the killings.

Witnesses told police that they heard loud quarreling from between the Thai restaurant owner and his wife before several gunshots were fired. They were followed by Mr. Udomsak’s nephew Pholkrit running away from the Thai restaurant with an injury.

Neighbours reportedly said that they had heard the couple often fight about debts that his wife had incurred.

Video taken at the scene of the fatal shooting by Thai restaurant owner