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Thai Policeman Found Stabbed to Death and Genitals Cut Off

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A Thai police officer has been found stabbed to death with genitals cut off in northeastern Thailand, early on Monday. The Thai policeman was allegedly having an affair with the killers wife.

Police later arrested Amornlak Jitkoh, 45, who fled and hid in a forest in Nakhon Ratchasima.

He was tracked down, persuaded to surrender and returned to Kalasin, were the murder took place. Thai Investigators said the man’s wife had an affair with the victim.

Thai Police and a rescue unit rushed to the murder scene about 1.30am after the discovery of the policeman’s body.

The Thai policeman’s body was found lying face up in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed at least 20 times – on his torso, buttocks and thighs. His genital organs were also cut off, according to Thai Media.

The man was later identified as Pol Lt Col Jamras Dolchua, 57, of Rong Kham police station in Rong Kham district.

Thai policeman’s Toyota Fortuner also set on fire

Thai policeman

Piles of leaves and other inflammable material had been set on fire at many spots around the house. A fire was also set at the rear of a white Toyota Fortuner. The fires were put out by neighbours, police reported. There were scorch marks on the rear of the vehicle. Police also found three beer cans in front of the house.

A son of Pol Lt Col Jamras told the police that his father usually stayed overnight at a house in Kalasin town. He occasionally spent the night at the wooden house at Ban Noi Pattana in Kamalasai district.

His father had an affair with a woman who told him she was a divorcee. He later stopped their relationship after learning that the woman was not divorced.

The son, who was not named, believed the woman wanted to return to his father, upsetting her husband. This could be a motive for murder, he said.

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