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Thai Police Hunt for Thai Woman and Her French Boyfriend after Her Italian Husband’s Charred Remains Found



De Stefani’s body was discovered on Friday morning, after locals saw smoke rising from the jungle.

PHICIT – Police in Phicit province in Central Thailand have launched a hunt for the Thai wife of an elderly Italian whose severed body was burned in a bonfire of car tires near a reservoir in Bung Narang district of Phicit on January 19, 2018.

Pol Maj-Gen Thawatchai Muannara, commander of Phichit provincial police, said Monday that police were looking for Mrs Rujira Iam-lamai, wife of 61-year old Giuseppe De Stefani, and her new boyfriend, a Frenchman identified by police as Mr Hamouri.

He said Mrs Rujira had run away with Hamouri as they were seen traveling in a Toyota Yaris.

He added that police had found a letter written by the Italian man at his house which read as follows: “You said you love me because you just want the money. I have never seen anyone as bad as you.”

Pol Maj-Gen Thawatchai said Phichit and tourist police had been gathering evidence at the crime scene and at the house of the victim to be submitted to the Forensic Science Institute for examination.

He expected arrest warrants to be issued soon for Mrs Rujira, her French boyfriend and other accomplices – if there are any – when police receive a report from the Forensic Science Institute.

As for Hamouri, it was reported that he has been declared a persona non grata by the Immigration Bureau.

Stefani’s severed body was burned beyond recognition except for the blurred tattoo in his body which matched with that of Mr Stefani who was reported to have gone missing from home.

Source: Thai PBS

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