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Thai Authorities Seize 500 Kilograms of Marijuana Smuggled from Laos

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NAKHON PHANOM – Authorities in Thailand’s northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom have seized more than 500 kilograms of marijuana smuggled into Thai soil from neighbouring Lao PDR.

Administrative officials and Mekong Riverine Unit of the Royal Thai Navy intercepted the smuggling attempt.

Being tipped by an intelligence report, officials had patrolled the river on the border of Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom province and Lao’s Khammouane province until they spotted a boat with about eight men approaching the riverbank on the Thai side.

As the men were unloading packages on the riverbank, officials reached the group and ordered them to surrender. But all managed to escape.


At the press briefing, officers said they seized 538 bars of compressed marijuana, three motorcycles and two pushcarts from the smugglers.


The high grade marijuana has estimated value of Bt10 million. Police believed it was just cultivated and can fetch up to Bt20,000 per kilograms in Thailand.

Marijuana smuggling has soared in the recent week when Thai authorities seized over two tons of cannabis.

Source: TNA

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