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Taiwan Murder ‘Accomplice’ Arrested In Kalasin

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(CTN News) – A Thai man who murdered a pregnant woman and her husband in Taiwan might not have acted alone. Two alleged accomplices have now been arrested by Thailand’s Criminal Court. They are now being sought by the Crime Suppression Division.

“Santi”, 35, handed himself in to the Royal Thai Police on June 17 (Friday). Chiang Mai police arrested him at Border Police Division 335 in Chiang Dao district. Bangkok was immediately called to pick him up.

During questioning, Santi claimed the couple had been killed by a Taiwanese mafia gang. The Central Investigation Bureau commissioner said yesterday that Santi and 2 other Thai nationals killed the couple over a drug business dispute. Police continued interrogating Santi overnight.

Two other alleged criminals returned to Thailand on June 11. Samart Sae Lee and Thanawat Poomkhemthong are identified.

On June 8, Santi was seen with the couple in security camera footage. Earlier that morning, he drove their car to the train station, then flew back to Thailand.

On June 12, their bodies were found in their car outside a high-speed rail station near Taipei. Their bodies were covered in bruises, suggesting they had been brutally murdered somewhere else, dragged into the car, and dumped.

After surrendering to police, Santi was charged with premeditated murder. As requested by police, the Criminal Court ordered Santi’s detention for 12 days, pending a formal indictment. Additionally, he is wanted for a murder in Taiwan.

Potjanee, 35, was pregnant with twins. Prasert Norat, 32, was her husband.

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