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Southern Thailand Politician Linked to 459 Kg Crystal Meth Bust

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Deputy national police chief Pol Gen Chalermkiat Srivorakhan told a press briefing today that police have seized 459 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine or Ya ice.

The 459kg of crystal meth, or ya ice, had been smuggled into Chiang Rai from the Myanmar border town of Tachileik destined to southern Thailand Via Bangkok.

Police in Bangkok recently intercepted the shipment and apprehended two drug runners.

Worawut Kraiwong, 32, and Angsuree Srikhamnuan, 33, were captured on Kanchanaphisek Road in Bang Khunthian district of Bangkok.

The crystal meth was found hidden in their vehicle.

The two suspects implicated two other men, Pohsa Ding, 51, and Korseng Nikoh, who were waiting to pick up the crystal meth from them at a petrol station in Songkhla, southern Thailand.

Mr Pohsa and Mr Korseng were later detained.

Pol Gen Chalermkiat said the four suspects were charged with possessing illegal drugs and colluding to traffick the drugs.

Narcotics Suppression Board commissioner Pol Maj Gen Chinpat Sarasin said a certain local politician in the South had arranged the finance to buy the drugs, and hired the traffickers.

The NSB had evidence the same politician had arranged finance for the gang at least once previously.

Police were now trying to positively identify the politician by following the money trail.

His assets could be ordered frozen under the money-laundering law, and he could face legal action.

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