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Seven Year-Old Girl Stops Her Father From Killing Himself



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A seven year-old girl saved the life of her father in Northern Thailand convincing him to drop his plan to kill himself after he had tried to shoot his wife.  The young girl pleaded with the Thai man not to shoot himself in the head.

Police officers were sent to an incident that occurred in Thap Than district Uthai Thani province after being notified of a shooting. When police arrived the incident they found a woman with a gun shot wound to the face. Also a man about to shoot himself in the head.

Rescue workers rushed to the gunshot victims aide and immediately took her to Hospital.

The police then tried to calm the man down and stop him from killing himself in the head. After 30 minutes  police then brought the mans seven-year-old daughter to plead with him against killing himself.

The daughter told her father that she would visit him even though he would be arrested. He then put the gun down and hugged his daughter while apologizing for his actions.

He told police that his wife was having an affair and when he threatened her with a gun. She and her mother tried to stop him with knives and he fire at them to defend himself.

His wife said she fought with her husband often as he had a problem with drugs. She had left him for a month to live with her mother. But her husband wanted her to return to him and came to her house.

When he saw her talking on the phone with someone, he became jealous and wanted to shoot her. Seeing the threat to her daughter’s life, the mother pushed herself in the line of fire and got shot in the face.

Thai Man tries killing himself after wife refuses sex

Rescue workers in Chonburi are frustrated with the repeated threats of a Thai man to kill himself every time his wife rejects his sexual advances.

On June 9, Police were notified of a man trying to jump from an overpass in front of a shopping mall.

They found a 43-year-old Thai man standing on the edge of the overpass looking down at the road. Where cars were passing while bystanders watched the scene with shock.

The policemen teamed up with rescue volunteers to bring the man to safety.

When questioned, the man said that his wife had declined to sleep with him at night.

Amnui Wasasiri, a rescue volunteer, said the man has threatened to kill himself in public places seven times. Every time the reason was he could not have sex with his wife.

He said the man’s actions were aimed at seeking attention and useless. However he had to come and rescue the man in any circumstance since it was his duty.


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