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Serial Killer “Jack the Ripper of Thailand” Used Facebook to Find Victim

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Jack the Ripper of Thailand 2

Authorities in Thailand have reveled that a serial killer dubbed “Thailand’s Jack the Ripper” used Facebook to picked up his latest victim. According to police investigators the ripper claimed to be a lawyer.

Police said on Tuesday that Somkid Pumpuang aka the ripper got to know Ratsami Mulichan, 51, via Facebook. He then moved into her house in Kranuan district 13 days before she was brutally murdered.

A warrant for Somkid’s arrest had been distributed to leaders of local communities, Pol Col Khajonrit said. He described the suspect as a very “dangerous man”.

Khon Kaen police office and Provincial Police Region 4 are looking for clues to the whereabouts of the criminal.

Somkid Pumpuang, who killed five women and was jailed over a decade ago,” Pol Col Khajonrit said.

“Thailand’s Jack the Ripper” latest victim died of suffocation


Her wrists and ankles had been tied. An electric wire was also fastened around her neck, held with transparent adhesive tape. A blood stain also showed that the victim was either punched or slapped on her face.

Consequently police found the suspect’s fingerprints, clothes and vehicle documents at the victim’s house. The suspect also left his mobile phone, Pol Col Khajonrit said.

The victim’s 25-year-old son, said his mother told him her new friend was a lawyer who handled cases nationwide. The man also offered to buy her a new car, her son said.

The son told Thai media he chatted with his mother over Facebook on Saturday. Telling police nothing she said suggested anything was wrong.

The hunted suspect, Somkid, 55, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder or five women. The serial murders led to the Thai media dubbing him “Jack the Ripper of Thailand”.

The Appeal Court sentenced him to life imprisonment in August 2012. He was paroled and therefore freed on May 17 of this year. The Corrections Department said in a statement he was a “model prisoner: Consequently seven months later, his latest murder surfaced, Sunday.

Khon Kaen police chief Pol Maj Gen Puttipong Musikul said on Tuesday that people were informing police of Somkid’s possible whereabouts. Including reports that he was a monk in Udon Thani and that he stayed in Nong Khai province.