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S.Korean charged with Human Trafficking



Jun Tae Hun had rented the house for 25,000 baht a month, and used it as an internet gambling hub


Chiangrai Times – ChiangMai Tourist Police have reported that two South Korean men named Kim Man Se and Park Jong Min had been found in a state of exhaustion. The two men had escaped from Jun Tae Hun who had trafficked them from South Korea and forced them to work in a house on the Irrigation Canal Road.

Jun Tae Hun threatened them by slitting dogs’ throats with a knife and warned the men that if they did not follow his orders they would receive the same treatment. Jun Tae Hun also confiscated the men’s passport and did not allow them to go outside the house.

The police received confirmation to raid the house from the municipality court. On arrival at the property the accused man had disappeared. At the back of the house, the police found many dog corpses with severed heads. The police already knew the house had been used by South Korean people as an internet gambling den. The internet server and the account were in Thailand, the account had a cash flow of over one million baht. The police found out that Jun Tae Hun had been accused of internet fraud and illegal internet gambling in South Korea. Jun Tae Hun was eventually arrested at Don Jan Big C branch on 6th September.

The police told the media that Jun Tae Hun had rented the house for 25,000 baht a month, and used it as an internet gambling hub. He had recruited South Korean workers from South Korea, but was deceptive as to what type of employment they would actually do in Thailand. The workers had been forced to work without any rest or sleep for long periods of time. Jun Tae Hun was reported as being aggressive and controlling.

The police said there is still a man missing who was forced into work named Dee Kua Yong (aged 21) he has not yet been found and the police are unsure if he is dead or alive.

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