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Russian Dies after Falling and Impaling Himself on Metal Spikes of Pattaya Hotel Balcony



The unnamed man was trying to climb into his room on the outside of the building when he slipped and fell onto the metal railings designed to prevent guests doing just that

CHON BURI – A Russian man has died in Pattaya, Thailand after falling onto metal spikes while trying to climb over a balcony into his hotel room.

The man had returned to his hotel in Pattaya at around 4am, when he found that he had lost his keys and so woke up the guests in the room next door.

The unnamed Russian then ventured onto the fourth-floor balcony, and was trying to climb into his room on the outside of the building when he slipped and fell.

Witnesses say he was heard screaming for help after landing on black metal railings which had been put in place to prevent guests doing exactly what he had attempted to do.

Images show him desperately holding on as blood pours from his impaled leg down the front of the white building.

Rescue workers arrived at 5am and used ropes to hold him up while giving him oxygen.

He was eventually cut free with the metal still stuck in his leg and lowered on a stretcher by a crane before being rushed to Pattaya City Memorial Hospital. He was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Police were not investigating as the man’s death as rescuers said it was not suspicious. Staff at apartment block where it happened did not release the name of the man.

By Sara Malm




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