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Russian Couple Arrested for Filing a False Report and Visa Overstay

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BANGKOK – A Russian couple have been arrested at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport for filing false reports that they forgot their passports to avoid visa overstay charges.

Mr.Turan Eveenil, 33 and his wife Khairullina Kamilya, 27 were caught on charges of filing a false report and overstaying their visas.

Pol Maj Gen Vorapong Thongpaiboon, of the Tourist Police Bureau said the couple wanted to board a flight to Phuket but staff wouldn’t allow them to because they forgot to bring their passports.

The couple said they wanted to file the statements with police so they could use them as identification to board the plane.

Tourist police then took them to Suvarnabhumi airport police station to file the reports but they noticed that the pair acted suspiciously.

After the questioning, police found that the couple had their passports in their bag. They showed Mr Turan and Ms Khairullina had overstayed their visas for more than seven months.

The couple were charged and blacklisted for five years and handed over to police at Suvarnabhumi police station for legal action.

Visa Overstay in Thailand

One of the worst mistakes an alien could ever do is overstaying their visa due to ignorance or just sheer lack of knowledge regarding Thai visa rules and regulations.

It’s much better to be denied entry, than be imprisoned and denied your freedom in a country you are not permanently residing in.

Overstaying is sanctioned under Thai immigration procedures. Even if you overstay for just one day, legal actions could be taken up against your person.

Usually though when you overstay for one day, it doesn’t carry a fine with it. However, if you overstay for several days, you will be fined 500 baht per day of overstay.

So if your stay expired on the 15th of March and you only reported to the immigration by the 20th, your fine will be for 5 days of overstay or 2,500 baht.

Amnesty International observed that Thai jails are “cruel and degrading”, so as much as you can, do not attempt to overstay in the first place.

Source: Bangkok Post