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Russian Arrested in Phuket For Allegedly Selling Bogus Tour Packages



Phuket, Thailand, Tour packages, Arrested

Police on the Island of Phuket in  Southern Thailand  have arrested a 35 year-old Russian for the alleged fraudulent sale of tour packages. Phuket police arrested Leonid Iuraovskii, 35, in front of his condominium on Wednesday. morning.

Leonid Iuraovskii, 35, allegedly fraudulent sale of tour packages to his compatriots. Of which cost the tour company he worked for more than 100,000 baht in lost revenue.

Phuket police arrest him on a warrant issued by the Phuket Provincial Court. He’s been charged with of embezzlement, forgery and use of false documents, according to the Bangkok Post.

The arrest came after a representative of Royal Palace tour company filed a complaint with Phuket police. He accused Mr Iuraovskii of fraudulently selling Russian customers Royal Palace tour packages. Consequently issuing them false vouchers after receiving payment.

The complainant said the documents were false, and alleged his action caused the tour company about 104,500 baht in damages. The arresting team was also led by Phuket police investigations chief Pol Maj Suchart Chomphusaeng.

According to Thai media Mr. Luraovskii had denied the charges and also said he was more than happy to fight them in court.

Ukrainian Woman Found Dead on Island of Koh Samui

Police on Thailand’s resort Island of Koh Samui have reported finding the dead body of 47 year-old Ukrainian woman missing since May 29th. Her body was found in a flooded ditch on the resort island in Thailand Sunday.

Koh Samui police reported that the dead Ukrainian woman was found by Mr. Uthen Ruangnon, 47, a hotel employee.

Mr. Uthen said that on Friday he was out looking for mushrooms in an area covered by scrub, near a dirt track about 30 meters from the road. He noticed a foul smell and as he walked by a ditch he saw something like a human leg in the water. Mr. Uthen said the sight of the human leg frightened him and he did not dare take a closer look.

He went back home and told his wife and some friends what he saw. On Sunday, they went together to the spot to take a better look. They found it was the body of a dead Ukrainian woman.

Pol Col Yuthana Sirisombat, the Koh Samui police said when they arrived at the scene they found her decaying body, with some bones partly visible. The forensic examiner on scene estimated the woman to have been dead 15-17 days.

A backpack was found near the body, containing 700 baht cash, some medicines and a phone charger and earphones.

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