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Pregnant Woman Shot to Death During Heated Land Dispute

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Pregnant Woman , Land Dispute, shot to death, Thailand

A pregnant woman has been shot to death and her husband seriously wounding by a man who opened fire on their car in central Thailand. The Shooter later turned himself into police in central Thailand’s Ratchaburi Province.  The shooter claiming a land dispute drove him to open fire on their car.

70 year-old Mr. Krit Thanathavornrit surrendered at a Ratchaburi police station late Friday night. Police said he also handed over a .38 caliber hand gun used in the fatal shooting.

On Saturday Mr. Krit was taken for a crime re-enactment.

The shooting happened in broad daylight in central Thailand’s Ratchaburi province on Friday. A white Honda Jazz was found in a ditch at a guava plantation when police and rescue workers arrived after at the scene.

The Driver Mr. Pitak Sukmak, 31, of Ratchaburi, sustained gunshot wounds to his neck and his left hand. His wife Ms. Jindarak Khunnut, 28, who was four months pregnant, was found shot dead in the front passenger seat.

The pregnant woman had three gunshot wounds, one to her head, left ear and left arm. Police immediately launched a manhunt for the gunman, who had fled in a Honda car with Nonthaburi license plates.

Car with pregnant woman crashed into a ditch

Ratchaburi, Thailand, Land Dispute

The shooter later contacted police and arranged to surrender. Officers said he confessed to shooting the couple in a fit of rage over a land dispute.

He said he had bought a land-reform plot from the mother of Ms. Jindarak and then built a house on the site. Ms. Jindarak, who did not want her mother to sell the plot, filed a complaint against him. This led to a dispute, Kit said.

Krit told Ratchaburi police that he was with a worker who was building a gate at the entrance of his property when the couple arrived in their car. A quarrel erupted, during which he pulled out a .38 pistol and fired on the car.

He claimed he did not know whether the bullets had hit anyone. The car sped off and crashed through a fence about 100 meters from the shooting scene. It then crashed into a ditch. After seeing what had happened, Mr. Krit told police he decided to flee in his car before turning himself in.

Mr. Pitak, who was being treated at Ratchaburi Hospital, was reportedly declared out of danger.

Ratchaburi police have charged Mr. Kit with the Murder of Ms. Jindarak and the attempted murder of Mr. Pitak. He was also charged with the murder of the pregnant woman’s unborn child; discharging a fire arm in public; and possession of an unregistered fire arm.

Source: Bangkok Post