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Police Take Man Who Beat Girl, 12 to Death to Crime Scene

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Police Take Man Who Beat Girl, 12 to Death to Crime Scene

Following arrest yesterday, the alleged killer of a 12-year-old girl will be taken to reenact his crime by police in Bangkok. He allegedly beat the girl to death for eating his food supplements.

The man, the girl’s relative’s boyfriend, admitted to bashing Arisa, nicknamed “Nong Mai,” to death with a baseball bat inside a residence in the Phaholyothin neighbourhood. Before exiting the scene, the suspect placed the girl’s body in an ice container and covered it with earth and cement.

Yuthana, 29, was arrested at a room in Din Daeng district yesterday evening and taken to Bang Khen Police Station for questioning.

Yuthana admitted to killing the youngster, stating that she took and ate his food supplements, which he had on hand for online sales. He whacked her ten times with a baseball bat in a fit of wrath until she lay still.

He thought she was dead and hid her body for fear of being punished, but he denied any sexual assault. He stated that he had intended to dismember the body but was unable to do so.

Trirat Meepao, the girl’s mother, recovered her daughter’s remains to be carried to a burial in her hometown of Uthai Thani Province. She disclosed, overcome with anguish, that she used to work in Bangkok but had to stop to care for her bedridden mother in Uthai Thani.

She entrusted her daughter’s care to a relative in Bangkok named Min. Despite her previous request that her daughter reside with her in Uthai Thani, the child choose to stay with Min and study in Bangkok.


Police details over girls horrific murder

On July 11, police discovered the beaten girl’s body in a plastic box in the suspect’s row-house in Bang Khen district of Bangkok. The body was buried in concrete and earth inside the box.

The box was discovered under a sink in the downstairs kitchen of a two-story house on Phahon Yothin Soi 48 in the Sinsap Nakhon housing development.

The body was wrapped in black rubbish bags and towels and was naked. There were numerous severe impact injuries to the face and torso. According to investigators, a doctor thought the girl had been deceased for 48 hours.

Apinya, a 24-year-old woman, had summoned police to the site. She described the girl as a distant relative who had been separated from her parents since she was five years old.

The girl had been living with her aunt Niramol, Apinya’s cousin, and Mr Yutthana, Niramol’s 29-year-old husband.

The girl, according to Ms Apinya, was hostile and frequently stole stuff at home. Ms Niramol and her husband reprimanded and slapped the girl repeatedly.


According to police, previous punishment had just made the girl more violent, and the pair had told Ms Apinya that they didn’t know how to deal with her.

On Monday, at 7 p.m., the couple paid a visit to Ms Apinya at her home in the Ram Intra area. The man told her he had killed the girl with a baseball bat at 1 a.m. on Sunday.

He claimed he had no intention of killing the kid and simply wanted to punish her for stealing and taking nutritional supplements that the couple had been engaged to pack and ship to customers.

Mr Yutthana stated that he considered dismembering the body but decided against it.

Ms Apinya informed police that the man told her that on Sunday evening he bought a large plastic box, placed the body inside, and covered it with concrete and then soil.

He then urged Ms Apinya to contact the police before leaving.

Police also held Ms Niramol for questioning in order to ascertain if she was involved in the girl’s death.

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