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Police Seize 1,500 Kilo’s of Crystal Meth in Western Thailand

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Authorities have intercepted a trailer carrying 1,500 kilograms of crystal meth in Thailand’s western province of Tak.

The seized crystal meth was being transported to Nakhon Pathom on a new drug trafficking route near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Authorities ordered the 18-wheeler was ordered to stop at a checkpoint in Tak Province yesterday. Initially, the truck seemed empty when officers conducted an inspection. However, a closer look beneath the vehicle’s flooring plate revealed what officers described as “hidden floor”.

Inside the hidden floor was a large haul of crystal meth wrapped in bags resembling Chinese tea packages.

The officers estimated that the value of the load was approximately 500 million baht.

The also police claim the drivers had been hired to take the drugs from Tak to customers in Nakhon Pathom.

According to the Bangkok Post the pair also claimed that they had no knowledge of the illegal drugs in the trailer.

Crystal Meth Hidden in False Floor

crystal meth2
The drive and accomplice point to the hidden floor were a large haul of crystal meth wrapped in bags was discovered by police.

Investigators also believe drug gangs are using the route on this part of the border to avoid a harsh crackdown under a cooperation deal between the Thai and Myanmar governments.

Elsewhere, the Crime Suppression Division apprehended four drug suspects in two separate operations.

One operation led to the seizure of 20kg of crystal meth from a major drug gang. Run by two men identified only as Hia (brother) Bang and Hia Rong.

A 20-year-old woman and two men who are believed to work for the gang, were also arrested in a sting operation.

A police used an informant to contacted the gang to buy crystal meth. He was told the drugs would be left at a scrap shop after he paid money to the trio at shopping mall.

In the other operation, police also caught Natthawut Unnok, 23, as he was about to deliver about 2,000 speed pills to a customer near Setthaphon temple in Bueng Kan’s Bueng Khong Long district. His friend managed to evade arrest, according to officers.

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