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Police Launch Manhunt for Serial Killer “Jack the Ripper of Thailand”

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Police in northeastern Thailand have launched a manhunt for a convicted serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper of Thailand.” He is accused of killing a woman in Khon Kaen just 7 months after being released from jail.

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police have joined forces with Khon Kaen police hunt for Somkid Pumpuang, 55. He is the prime suspect in the murder of Rassami Mulichan, 51 at her house on Sunday.

The case was reported to police on Sunday night.

Ms. Rassami was found dead in her house with tape around her neck. Her ankles were tied together with a mobile phone charging cable.

A neighbour told police he saw a man coming to stay with Rassami on Dec 2 and heard the two quarrel on Sunday.

Police showed them his pictures of the accused and verified Somkid as the alleged killer.

Jack the Ripper of Thailand 1
Convicted serial killer Somkid Pumpuang, dubbed “Jack the Ripper of Thailand”, is wanted for allegedly murdering another woman.

Somkid was a convicted serial killer murdering at least five women. A singer and four masseuses in 2005 before being arrested in the same year. He was later sentenced to life in prison. Over the years, his jail term was reduced to 14 years for good behavior. He walked free in May this year.

All his victims were killed in a similar pattern. He had sex with them and then either strangled or drowned them and stole their valuables.

Somkid is a native of Huai Yot district of Trang province of Thailand. It is unknown why he was in Khon Kaen after he was freed.

CSD commander Pol Maj Gen Jirabhop Bhuridet said they have received an arrest warrant for the man for murder.

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