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Police in Pattaya Detain Russian Woman for Killing 1-Year-old Daughter

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Police in Pattaya Thailand have detained a Russian woman, allegedly killed her one-year-old daughter before jumping from her third-floor apartment. Police allege the Russian might have been hallucinating after taking drugs.

Pattaya police were alerted around 2pm of a person reportedly jumping from the 5-storey apartment building.

At the scene they found Ahha Ahatojibebha Efimava, 33, a Russian national, her legs injured from jumping from the third floor. She was rushed to Bangkok Pattaya hospital.

When Police officers then went to her apartment they found blood spattered on the walls. In the bathroom they made the ghastly discovery of the body of a little girl lying under the sink and covered with a towel.

The girl had three cut wounds on her forehead. Documents found in the room suggested the girl, who was one year and seven months old. She was Efimava’s daughter.

Police also found the drug paraphernalia in her room. Officers speculated that the suspect might have been hallucinating from taking drugs. The believe she killed her daughter, before jumping from the balcony.

Police, Pattaya, Russian Woman

The Russian woman told rescue workers first on the scene that her husband had abused her and caused the incident. The apartment manager claimed that the woman arrive with a husband,  just her daughter which caused suspicion.

The apartment manager said that the woman had checked in with her daughter on Saturday at 7pm.

Police are now waiting for the woman to recover to find the exact cause of the girl’s death.

Australian Man Found Asphyxiated to Death in Pattaya

Police, Pattaya, Australian dead

Police in the resort town of Pattaya, Thailand have reported that death of a 59-year-old Australian man was found dead on Saturday. Pattaya police said he was found inside an apartment with a plastic bag covering his head. The plastic bag was fastened with a cable tie wrapped around his neck.

Pattaya police reported his body was found on the bed his room on the fourth floor of the building. The Australian man was identified by Thai media as Mr. Andrew George Tomlinson.

Wearing a T-shirt and underwear, the man had a green plastic bag covering his head with a cable tie fastened around his neck. His hands were also bound behind his back with a cable tie. Police found no bruises on his body.

There were also no traces of a struggle inside the room, which had seven computer monitors on a desk. The room had a safe but there were no valuable items inside.

Police initially speculated that the man might have suffered from stress and taken his own life. Closed-circuit television images from the building showed nobody had entered his room.

The building’s housekeeper, who discovered the body, told police the man had lived in the apartment for almost three years.

Furthermore his body was sent to Police General Hospital in Bangkok for a postmortem examination. Above all to determine the exact cause of death. Pattaya police are also handling the case as a suicide.

According to Thai media police believe the Australian tied the bag around his own head. He then bound his hand behind his back, thus commuting suicide by asphyxiation.

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