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Police Arrest Paroled Serial Killer aka Thailand’s Jack the Ripper

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Police arrested paroled serial killer aka Thailand’s Jack the Ripper on a Bangkok bound train in northeastern Thailand. Somkid Phumphuang, 55, was wanted for the murder of a woman in Khon Kaen province of northeastern Thailand.

Police found Somkid, alone and asleep next to the train window about 10.35am. He was wearing a cap, with his faced covered by a mask. He had also covered himself with a jacket.

According to Thai media he was identified and reported to police by two students. They allegely noticed a mark on his forehead and compared it with police photos using their phones.

Police said Somkid did not resist arrest. Police confirmed they also received a call and a video clip of Somkid from a train passenger.

The suspect was taken to the Provincial Police Region 3 office in Nong Sarai district for interrogation.

Somkid, dubbed Jack the Ripper of Thailand, is suspected of murdering Ratsami Mulichan, 51, at her house in Khon Kaen on Sunday. The dead woman’s son said she told him her new lover was a lawyer and they got to know each other via Facebook.

Serial Killer “Jack the Ripper of Thailand” Arrested on Train

Police believe Ratsami, a divorcee, was Somkid’s sixth victim. He was consequently sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering five women in 2005. They were singers and masseuses. He was arrested in the same year.

The Appeal Court in August 2012 upheld the Criminal Court’s sentence of life imprisonment. His sentence was commuted from the death penalty because he confessed.

Somkid was paroled and let free on May 17 this year. The Corrections Department said he was a “model prisoner”.

Ms.Ratsami reportedly worked as a hotel maid. She let him move in to live with her on Dec 2, telling her son the man would buy her a car.

Consequently police reported the Ms. Ratsami died of suffocation. Her body was also wrapped with a blanket, naked from the waist down. Her wrists and ankles had been tied. Furthermore electric wire was fastened around her neck, held with transparent adhesive tape.

Thailand’s PM Prayuth Chan-o-cha has also ordered the justice minister to re-examine Thailand’s rules regarding sentence reductions. Especially on the parole for violent criminals.

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