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Police Arrested 5 People Over Death of Thai Pretty “Lunlabelle”

Ms Thitima (“Lunlabelle”) was found dead after being escorted by Mr Rachadech from a party back to his condominium.



Police have arrested 5 people in connection to the tragic death of pretty model Thitima “Lunlabelle” Noraphanpiphat. A Thon Buri Criminal Court on Thursday approved their arrest warrants.

Police arrested Chaiyaphon Phanna, 29;, Nathi Sathiphongsathaphon, 33; Phikunthong Bunpha, 24; Koset Ritnithiroek, 35; and Kritsada Lohitdi, 27, were accused of assisting Rachadech “Nam Oun” Wongthabutr, according to police.

Mr Rachadech, (a male model), has been charged with; detaining the victim in a way that caused her death, molestation, and committing an indecent act.

Ms Thitima (“Lunlabelle”) was found dead after being escorted by Mr Rachadech from a party back to his condominium.

An autopsy, determined that “Lunlabelle” died of extreme alcohol intoxication. Her blood alcohol concentration of 418 milligrams per 100 milliliters. — above all enough to render an individual unconscious and/or cause death.

Pol Maj Gen Pakkapong Pongpetra, chief of Metropolitan Police Bureau, said police also have evidence to support the charges filed against five people.

Police Collecting Evidence in Death of Lunlabelle

He said officers spent one month collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. Which as a result led them to seek warrants of these five persons.

The five were present at a party at the house in Nonthaburi on Sept 16 which was attended by “Lunlabelle.” She was found dead the next morning in Mr Rachadech condo lobby.

Pol Maj Gen Pakkapong said the five suspects maintained their innocence during the questioning. Consequently he refused to give details about the evidence leading to the fresh arrests.

A source close to the investigation said police will ask the court to approve detention of the suspects today and will oppose bail requests due to concerns that the accused will interfere with the witnesses.

Theppitak Prueksasitthirote, the suspects’ lawyer, said he will also apply for bail for his clients’ temporary release and that the request is also likely to be granted because they are not flight risks.

News Source: Bangkok Post, Thai Media


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