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Police Arrest Teenager Smuggling 2.1 Million Meth Pills

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Police have arrested a 19-year-old man after he was caught taking delivery of more than 2 million methamphetamine pills smuggled across the Mekong River into Nong Khai province in northeastern Thailand.

Police told a press briefing on Monday that the suspect, Mr Phayu Phikhawong, was hired to deliver 2 million methamphetamine tablets from Nong Khai province to a person in Ayutthaya province.

A Thai living in Laos, whose name was not disclosed, hired Mr Phayu to pick up and deliver pills on Saturday night, according to police in Udon Thani. The teenager was to be paid 300,000 baht upon delivery, he said during questioning.

The teenager took his pickup truck to take delivery of the drugs, which were smuggled across the Mekong River into Nong Khai province. He was allegedly accompanied by two other men, who helped load the drugs on the pickup truck.

As Mr Phayu was driving away, police observing the transaction jumped out of hiding and stopped and arrested him. The two other men fled on motorcycles.

Under questioning, Mr Phayu was alleged to have stated that he had no formal education and no job experience. At the age of 17, he was arrested for selling 33 methamphetamine pills.

After his release, he was enticed into becoming a drug courier, earning as much as 3 million baht a year.

Upon a search of the suspect’s house in Chai Wan district, Udon Thani, police found another 64,000 meth pills. The
police in Nong Khai charged the suspect with illegal possession of drugs with the intention of selling.

He was detained for legal action at the Rattanawapi police station. His pickup was also seized as evidence.

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