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Police Arrest Son Who Shot and Killed his 88-Year-Old Father



Police Arrest Son Who Shot and Killed his 88-Year-Old Father

Police in southern Thailand arrested a man after he was captured on a CCTV surveillance video shooting and killing his 88-year-old father. The shooting occurred at his house in Songkhla’s Hat Yai on Monday.

The shooter Mr. Seree Kuldamrongwiwat, 60, was apprehended at a bungalow by police in the Sichon district of Nakhon Si Thammarat late on Tuesday night.

Mr. Kuldamrongwiwat was arrested on a warrant issued by the Songkhla Provincial Court on Tuesday. The warrant was for alleged murder, illegal possession of a weapon, and carrying a firearm in public.

Police searched the man’s motorcycle that was parked in front of the bungalow and found a .45 handgun and clothes like those the shooter was wearing in the CCTV surveillance video footage.

During questioning, Mr. Kuldamrongwiwat allegedly admitted to killing his father. He then fled on his motorcycle to Nakhon Si Thammarat province. He had planned to move to another location the next day.

The suspect told police he killed his father (Mr. Phit Kuldamrongwiwat, 88), at their home on Monday night following a heated quarrel. He told police he was angry and could not remember how many shots he fired at his father.

A police spokesperson also said the slain father had seven children, six sons, and a daughter.

The suspect’s wife Ms. Saowalak Ploengkham, 40, was inside the house at the time. She told police that her husband returned late from work and later began arguing with his dad. His father had asked him to go to his room on the second floor and sleep with their five-year-old son.

Shortly afterward, she heard gunshots and found her father-in-law dead.

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