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Police Arrest 4 Men Selling Homemade Weapons Online



Police Arrest 4 Men Selling Homemade Weapons Online

Four men were arrested on suspicion of making and selling homemade guns and ammunition to vocational students, according to Thailand’s Cyber Police. After about two months of investigation, the four suspects were apprehended in a sting operation by undercover agents.

Pichet Iam-rungruang, 45, was arrested at a house in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district; Piyatat Rungpairoj, 31, was arrested at a house in Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district; an 18-year-old, name withheld, was arrested at a house in Buri Ram province; and Pakkapol Bumrungkhet, 22, was arrested at a house in Ayutthaya province.

One unlicensed vehicle was also seized by the police officers.

A 45-caliber pistol, four homemade pen guns, a homemade shotgun, one.22-calibre homemade pistol, over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, firearms manufacturing equipment, five mobile phones, bank books, ATM cards, and delivery boxes were also seized.

During questioning, the suspects allegedly admitted to making and selling guns, as well as ammunition purchased elsewhere, mostly to vocational students via online channels.

Because of frequent news reports about brawls between students from rival colleges, the image of vocational students has sometimes been associated with violence. Many of the incidents have resulted in casualties and property damage.


Police arrest home invaders

Meanwhile, police have arrested seven alleged members of a gang that tied up and robbed a wealthy Chinese businessman and his Thai wife in their Pattaya home, rumored to have up to 400 million baht in cash and valuables, but only found 700,000 baht in cash and valuables.

The Pattaya Provincial Court has issued arrest warrants for nine suspects on charges of armed robbery and illegal detention, police said during a media briefing on Wednesday. Seven of the suspects had already been apprehended.

As evidence, police officers seized the clothing they were believed to have worn during the robbery, as well as a Toyota Fortuner, a Toyota Yaris, a BMW, an MG sedan, one red Bangkok license plate, some stolen gold jewelry, rounds of ammunition, and 5,000 baht cash.

On December 11, around 8.14 a.m., a group of armed men broke into a house in Pattaya Land & House housing estate in tambon Nong Prue of Bang Lamung district.

A Chinese businessman and his Thai wife owned the house. The intruders bound the couple’s hands and legs and forced them to open a safe. They got away with $70,000 in cash and valuables.

Police investigators identified nine robbers, all of whom were men, and obtained court arrest warrants.

During questioning, the seven suspects allegedly admitted to being hired to rob the couple by gang leaders identified only as Toon, Muek, and Jo.

They were told that the couple kept 200-400 million baht in cash in their home. According to the suspects, they were offered 15 million baht as their share of the loot.

They then planned the heist. They pretended to be cops and inquired about the couple’s assets. They robbed them after breaking into the house.

In place of a large fortune, they discovered only 700,000 baht in the house. After splitting the robbery proceeds, they went into hiding in Sa Kaeo and Chachoengsao provinces.

Police said they would go after the other suspects, as well as the gang leaders and their associates.

The identities of the two victims have not been revealed.

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