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Paul Ayling Still in Coma After Attack



A Canvey man Paul Ayling, 47


CHIANGRAI TIMES – A Canvey man suffered severe brain damage and has been in a coma for five months after being brutally attacked in Thailand.

Paul Ayling, 47, had just dropped off his nine-year-old son at school near their new home in Hua Hin, Thailand, and was pulling away on a motorbike when he was jumped by two men.

One of them hit Mr Ayling over the head with a lump of wood, sending him into the coma he has still not woken from.

No-one has been charged with the assault, but his family suspect the attackers were hired after he refused to pay decorators who worked on his home.

Mr Ayling lived on Canvey for more than 30 years before emigrating to Thailand with his wife Justine and son Scott last spring. He was attacked on November 21.

He needed three operations in Thailand to reduce swelling on his brain and remove blood clots.

He was flown back to Southend Hospital a month ago and transferred to Northwick Park Hospital, in Harrow, last Tuesday

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