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Pattaya Police Investigate Alleged Knifepoint Rape of 14 Year-old Girl

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CHONBURI – Police in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya are investigating the alleged rape of a 14 year old girl at a beach south of Pattaya last night.

Police say it is a well lit area but only have information that the rapist was a 20 – 25 year old with facial tattoos.

According to Sanook the incident happened in a water sports zone where there are five jetskis kept.

The 14 year old says she was with friends when the man offered them 500 baht for sex. They group refused but the man then allegedly grabbed “Yui” and dragged her away to a nearby tent.

Her friends claim the man had a knife so they felt powerless to intervene. After the alleged rape took place the group reported the matter to the police.

Sanook reports that a tent had already been put away when they arrived at the scene.

Investigating policeman, Capt Weerayut Kangkala, says that the victim was raped without a condom and given 40 baht after the encounter.

CCTV is being studied to help identify the man responsible.

Rape Facts Thailand

According to health officials and activists, more than half of the 32,000 girls and women raped in Thailand last year were students, and alcohol was often a factor.

Thailand’s official rate of rape – given current census projections – is about 0.95 rapes per 1,000 women. That would be above most rates in most European nations and less than the United States, which after a staggering 15-year decline has a rate of about 1.1 rapes per 1,000 women.

The numbers only reflect reported rapes, so under-reporting could be more of an issue in Thailand depending on how many women seek help.

Victims: 6.6 percent: Small children, 35.1 percent: Minors 11 and 15, 22 percent: Women 16 to 20

10.1 percent: Women 26 to 30

Rape has a high profile in the Thai media, with television dramas gleefully portraying sexual assault as a common plot device. From a young age, children are exposed to programs which feature frequent rapes of women, sometimes portraying their attackers as sympathetic characters doing it for “love.” Although young women are instilled with a fear of taxi drivers, the data shows teachers are more likely to be attackers.

Source: Thaiger, Sankook, Coconuts

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