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Northern Ireland Teen Jules Farrelly, 17, Dies After Bangkok Balcony Fall



Jules was rushed to Chaiprakarn Hospital in Samut Prakan but despite the efforts of medical staff he later died

Jules was rushed to Chaiprakarn Hospital in Samut Prakan but despite the efforts of medical staff he later died



BANGKOK – A teenager from Northern Ireland Jules Farrelly, 17, has died in Bangkok’s Vibharam Chaiphrakarn hospital after falling from the fifth floor of a condominium in Samut Prakan, Bangkok.

Jules Farrelly, fell from the balcony of the apartment building on Sukhumvit Soi 109 in Samut Prakan, reported Thairath.

Police Capt Nakrin Jambanin from Samrong Nuea Police Station along with rescue workers from the Poh Tek Tung rescue foundation answered an emergency call on Wednesday that a young foreign man had suffered serious injuries after falling from a balcony.

When they attended they found Mr Farrelly unconscious and with life threatening injuries.

He was rushed to the intensive care unit of Vibharam Chaiphrakarn Hospital but despite the efforts of doctors died from his injuries 48 hours later.

As part of their investigations into the incident, police interviewed the owner of the condominium, Mr Chakon, 40, who said that Mr Farrelly lived there with another male and female who were also Irish.

On the day of the incident, the condominium owner told police that he had received complaints from other tenants regarding the noise coming Mr Farrelly’s room.

When Mr Chakon went to investigate he said he was stopped by one of the condominium security guards who told him a foreigner had fallen from his balcony. Mr Chakon and the security guard then ran outside which is where they found Mr Farrelly. They then contacted the police.

When officers searched Mr Farrelly’s room they found a white powder, believed to ketamine, and a packet of painkillers, six of which had already been used.

Pol Capt Nakrin added that CCTV footage revealed that Mr Farrelly had been behaving strangely prior to him jumping from the balcony.

Officers concluded that the cocktail of ketamine and painkillers had caused Mr Farrelly to hallucinate or believe he was being chased by someone which is why he jumped from the balcony.

There was no further mention of the whereabouts of Mr Farrelly’s roommates or if they were spoken to during the investigation.

Source: Thairath,  Thai Visa, Farang Deaths

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