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Netizen’s Believe Dead Canadian Fugitive Connected to AlphaBay



When he was arrested on July 5, police impounded four luxury Lamborghini cars registered in his name

BANGKOK – Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) Pol Maj Gen Sunthon Chalermkiat told Thai media yesterday that an initial examination of the body of Canadian Alexander Cazes, points to suicide.

A duty officer noticed a towel hanging from the toilet door in his cell about 7am, but could not see him, police said. The officer unlocked and entered the cell and found Cazes dead in the toilet.

Pol Maj Gen Chayapoj Hasunha, chief of the NSB’s intelligence section, said Cazes had worked as a computer programmer and had a Thai wife. Cazes had lived well during eight years in Thailand on the lam from drug trafficking charges in the United States.

The Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant on June 30 at the request of US authorities. Cazes was arrested at the Private House estate on Buddha Monthon Sai 3 Road in Thawi Watthana district.

When he was arrested on July 5, police impounded four luxury Lamborghini cars registered in his name, and papers for three houses. Together, the property was worth about 400 million baht.

US authorities, who asked Thai police to arrest the 26-year-old so he could be deported, have raised no questions about the death, said Pol Maj Gen Sunthon.

Cazes was being detained by the NSB at their headquarters in Laksi district near the Goverment Complex.

The towel was among his personal belongings and he was believed to have used it to hang himself.

Officers found him dead Wednesday morning, a few hours before a deportation hearing.

Meanwhile, Netizen believe Alexandre Cazes is the person responsible for running the illegal marketplace of AlphaBay that went off line the day of his arrest.

According to when Cazes was arrested in Thailand on July 5th, it coincided with the day the popular darknet marketplace suddenly disappeared. Without prior notice or official explanation, users were unable to place orders or access their funds.

So far, this situation has not been resolved, which only makes it more plausible to assume the AlphaBay administrator was indeed arrested.

The Merkle goes on to say that if Cazes was the AlphaBay administrator, the news doesn’t bode well for the marketplace and all of the money still locked inside its wallets. It is unclear if anyone else has access to the necessary resources so that the platform can be relaunched in the future. It is also unclear as to what Cazes may have told the authorities in regards to AlphaBay, its users, or other people working on the platform.

On Reddit, there is some wild speculation as to whether or not these claims are true. It is hard to determine if Cazes is the real AlphaBay admin, but all of the information seems to hint at that outcome. His arrest coincides with the platform going down, and it would also explain why AlphaBay has not resurfaced. On the platform, the admin is known as “deSnakes”, which very well could indeed by Cazes.


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