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Narcotics Suppression Police Hold Presser on Drug Seizures



Narcotics Suppression Police Hold Presser on Drug Seizures

Narcotics suppression police have told a press briefing that officers seized 6.4 million meth pills, 300 kilograms of crystal meth and 200kg of marijuana in seven cases this month, 12 suspects were arrested.

In one case, a drug suspect identified as Mr. Jakha Jakor was shot dead in Northern Thailand’s, Chiang Mai Province and 6 million speed pills were seized. Officers also seized a gun, a grenade, three mobile phones and a pickup truck.

A police spokesperson said Mr. Jakor was killed after a shootout with police. Officers learned that a drug network led by a hill tribesman planned to smuggle drugs into Thailand through Mae Ai and Fang district of Chiang Mai on Nov 13.

Soldiers and narcotics suppression police manning a checkpoint in Mae Ai district signalled a pickup truck to stop for a search. Instead, the driver opened fire at them and attempted to accelerate away, the spokesperson said.

In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, the driver was shot dead. Mr. Jakor had a criminal record and was also wanted on an arrest warrant issued by the Lampang provincial court for smuggling 400,000 meth pills in 2017.

Seven members of his network, his wife, son and friends, had been arrested earlier.

Warrants had also been approved for the arrest of five other members ofhis gang who were still at large, the Narcotics suppression police said.

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