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Naked British Tourists Falls to His Death in Pattaya, Thailand



Police and medics who rushed to the scene found 31 year old Andrew Christopher Laidler barely breathing

PATTAYA – A 31 year-old British tourist died after falling from the third floor of a guesthouse on popular Walking Street in Pattaya beach city early Friday morning.

Rescuers found 31 year old Andrew Christopher Laidler lying seriously injured in the street, gasping for breath. He had fallen from the Sweet Heart guesthouse, at about 4.30am on Friday police reported.

Witnesses said that people ran in terror when they heard the sound of the man hitting the road. Concerned tourists made a space in the crowd so he could breathe and put a towel over his naked body to give him some modesty.

Police inspecting his room and found no traces of a struggle. His belongings remained untouched.

Investigators were concerned with the victim being naked and planned to examine footage from surveillance cameras in the area and question guesthouse staff and other witnesses to find out the circumstances of the fatal fall.



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