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Motorcycle Adventurist Cries Foul Over Bangkok Expressway Fine

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BANGKOK – A Swedish motorcycle adventurists and blogger who drove his motorcycle on an expressway was fined Bt1,000, prompting him to cry foul of what he believed to be a rip off by Thai cops.

The incident took place early May but just caught attention of Thai Facebook users, who started to share the Instagram post of Nicklas Aittamaa, whose Instagram account is @nicklasaitt.

Aittamaa, who has 8,428 followers on his Instagram page, posted on May 7: “Some popo action entering Bangkok, I guess they are just jealous of my rad bike…

Cost me a 1000Baht to skip the police station.

On Micklas’s YouTube page he says I’m from Sweden and I just want to make great videos to publish here on YouTube, that’s it.

Thailand’s Transport Ministry say it was dangerous to ride motorcycles on expressways because they were not designed for motorcycles and accidents might result.

On the entrance to all expressways there are “large signs” prohibiting motorcyclists from riding on them.

In 2017 motorists driving past the expressway exit near the Tobacco Monopoly Factory were shocked to see a naked man on motorcycle whizzing past them.

Expressway police were alerted and they quickly apprehended the motorcyclist, who appeared to be in fatigue, and did not answer their questions.

Police also found a package of condoms and a bottle of drinking water in his shoulder bag, reported.

He was later taken to a police station to sober up.

He was fined 1,000 baht for illegally driving a motorcycle on the expressway, and another charge of indecent exposure.

Source: Asia One, The Nation

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