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Over 8 Million Methamphetamine Tablets Seized in 2 Days

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Police arrested a married couple after a vehicle chase and seized more than a hundred thousand methamphetamine tablets found in their possession.

As a result of a tip-off that a drug shipment would be moving through Surat Thani, police set up a checkpoint on the southbound side of Highway 41 on Monday.

The officers ordered a four-door Isuzu pickup to stop for a search. However, the driver instead made a rapid U-turn and sped off in the opposite direction.

Following closely behind the fleeing pickup, the police pursued it through an oil palm plantation.

The police stopped the pickup and arrested the driver, Chaowarin Kangla, 25, and his wife, Angkhana Liewplod, 24.

A search of the vehicle revealed three bags containing 65 packages containing 132,000 methamphetamine tablets hidden under the front seat of the pickup truck.

The couple has been charged with possessing illegal drugs with the intent to sell them.

The two were taken to the Lamae police station in Surat Thani for legal proceedings.

On Monday, approximately 8 million methamphetamine tablets were seized by police after a sport utility vehicle crashed and overturned.

Nakhon Ratchasima police searched the overturned SUV and discovered the driver had disappeared, leaving the vehicle behind.

Nakhon Ratchasima police towed the vehicle to Chakrarat police station. A search of the vehicle revealed 18 bags, each containing about 440,000 meth pills, totaling approximately 8 million methamphetamine tablets.

A search was underway to locate the drug smugglers.

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