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Man Burns Down Grandmothers Home in a Rage Fueled by Drugs



drugs, Man Burns Down Grandmothers Home in a Drug-Fueled Rage

In a drug-fueled rage, a young man burned down the house of his 86-year-old great-grandmother, leaving her, his mother, and three girls homeless.

Currently, the five women live together in a makeshift shelter that they built beside Chaiyaphum-Si Khiu Road in the village of Ban Khok Phaeng Phuai in Chaiyaphum Province. In addition to raising ducks, they sell eggs from their flock for a small income.

Since December 3, Nat Chokesiri, 58, has been living with her 86-year-old mother, her 16-year-old niece and two granddaughters, aged 15 and 3 years, in a roadside shelter without clean water.

On Friday, her drug-addled son torched their house in tambon Nong Na Saeng, Muang district, threatening their lives.

“We only saved diapers for my 3-year-old granddaughter from the burning house,” she said.

Drug-crazed son burned down family home

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Now they used scavenged firewood to cook their food and obtained water from the nearby paddy fields, but did not know whose land they owned.

Prapat Phunkhunthod, 37, has been held in Chaiyaphum prison pending an arson and drugs-related trial after setting fire to the family house.

Ms Nat said her family did not return to their destroyed home because her son had threatened to kill them if he was released.

In terms of their future, she had no idea and felt gratitude for the owner of the land they had taken shelter on since her son’s drug-induced catastrophe.

Despite crackdowns and education efforts, drug use has risen across Thailand in recent years.

An estimated one in five teenagers is a drug addict. Most of them use Yaba.
According to a recent survey, more than 80% of residents in Thailand believe that drugs are their most pressing problem, and they want the government to help.

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