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Lithuanian Man, 30 Denies Killing Transgender Partner



Lithuanian Man, 30 Denies Killing Transgender Partner

The Royal Thai Police have pressed three charges against a Lithuanian man in connection with the death of a transgender person.

The victim’s dead body was found in a locked room at a home in the Prasat district of Surin on Saturday.

Lithuanian Mr. Marius Kunickas faces charges of physical assault causing death, concealment of a body, and theft. Surin Police said additional charges are possible pending the outcome of DNA tests.

Mr. Kunickas, 31, is currently being detained at the Prasat police station in Surin after being arrested in Pattaya early Thursday.

As part of their investigation, they sought court permission to detain him initially for 12 days.

Lithuanian man captured on CCTV

The Lithuanian man is suspected of murdering his transgender lover Thiraphong Lamluea. Mr. Kunickas has denied all charges against him through a Lithuanian translator.

The body of Thiraphong Lamluea, 31, was found inside a closed room at a home in Tambon Kang-an, Surin around 4.30 pm on Wednesday.

The victim’s body was allegedly wrapped in a thick blanket. Surin police stated that there was a strong smell and it was believed Thiraphong had been dead for at least a week,

Mr. Kunikas has denied murdering Thiraphong despite witness statements and video surveillance pointing to him as the culprit.

Wandee Lamluea, Thiraphong’s mother, had earlier told police that Thiraphong had brought Kunikas twice to the Prasat district. The man spent one week at Thiraphong’s house during his second visit in late May, she said.

Ms. Wandee said the man brought a case of beer to her house on May 26 and they drank it together. She noticed what appeared to be bloodstains on his legs as well as some bruises.

He told Ms. Wandee that he had broken a bottle and glass pieces had cut his legs when it toppled, breaking and spilling. There was no reason for her to doubt him, and they drank together until 9 pm when he left. Thiraphong wasn’t with them at the time.

Police have obtained surveillance video showing a car rented by Thiraphong being left at the Prasat district bus terminal where Kunicast is seen boarding a bus bound for Rayong.

Forensic police have collected tissue samples from Mr. Kunicas for DNA testing to compare with DNA samples in bloodstains, secretions, and fingerprints in Thiraphong’s home.

According to a police source, if his DNA samples match those taken from the house, investigators would seek a formal arrest warrant.

Thiraphong’s cremation will take place at a temple in the Prasat district on Sunday.

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