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Knickers Sniffing Delivery Man Caught Stealing Women’s Underwear

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A 27 year old Thai food delivery man has been arrested in Chiang Mai stealing women’s knickers while making deliveries in the city. A woman reported to police that her nickers (underwear) had been stolen many times.

When police looked at CCTV footage, they saw a man in a food delivery full uniform taking the knickers from lines and sniffing them.

When the man was tracked back to his apartment he was found to be in possession of women’s underwear.

Knickers Sniffing Delivery Man Caught Stealing Women's Underwear

According to Chiang Mai police, he would drive around the city delivering food, and stop off at dormitories along the way.

The man admitted to police that he drove past dormitories and felt sexually aroused when he saw the underwear. He would steal women’s underwear and take it home to smell and “well you know what”.

Chiang Mai police charged him with petty theft and released him on his own recognizance. He was also ordered to stay away from women’s dormitories, Thai Media reported.

Knicker Sniffer Caught on CCTV Steal Undergarments

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