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Joe Biden Reacts To Bridgewater College Shooting in Virginia

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According to college spokesperson Logan Bogert, two campus police officers were killed in an active shooter incident on Tuesday at Bridgewater College in Virginia. ABC News reported that a campus police officer and a campus safety officer were killed in the shooting after responding to complaints of a “suspicious” individual on campus. US President Joe Biden reacted to the tragedy by calling it “another senseless shooting.”

Biden expressed grief for the lost lives as well as criticism of the shooting on Twitter. A senseless shooting has claimed the lives of two brave officers. The President said that he and First Lady Jill Biden have been praying for the families of the victims. In addition, he stated that the use of firearms against law enforcement officials is despicable and must be stopped.

Alexander Wyatt Campbell, 27, of Ashland, was recognized by Virginia State Police as the perpetrator of the crime. Campbell is also accused of two felony offenses of capital murder. Police have charged two felony offenses with first-degree murder and using a weapon in the commission of a felony, according to Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller

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Police officers killed in the Bridgewater College campus shooting

According to Geller, the attack on the Bridgewater College campus began at approximately 1:20 p.m. (local time) when campus police officers responded to a report of a suspicious person on campus near Memorial Hall. Officers J.J. Jefferson and John Painter approached the suspect before he shot both of them and fled.

Several departments were dispatched to the area after the shooting incident to begin investigating the perpetrator, according to Geller. Officials said the perpetrator fled on foot and was caught about a half-hour later off-campus. Several officers chased him when he walked into the North River and onto an island in the river, Geller said, and he was then apprehended and taken into custody, ABC News reported.

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