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Italian Man Fined 3000 baht for Showing off his Genitals to Kids



Italian Man Fined 3000 baht for Showing off his Genitals to Kids

(CTN News) – Police apprehended an Italian man suspected of exposing his genitalia to youngsters in Pattaya as he tried to leave Thailand.

Just as he was about to board a flight out of Thailand, police caught up with him and arrested him. However, he was released after paying a 3,000 baht fine and was warned not to return and do the same offense again.

The 49-year-old man was not identified, but it was made clear that he was Italian. The guy left Pattaya for Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on Christmas Day and attempted to board a flight leaving Thailand at 12.30pm after the parent of several suspected minor victims filed a police complaint.

He was taken from the aircraft by Chon Buri Police and immigration, who then took him back to Bang Lamung Police Station.

The fact that the Italian man had just received a warning and a modest fine likely relieved him.

The investigation got underway when a 34-year-old Thai man with several young daughters and a son claimed to have been driving with five young children in the back of his pickup truck when he saw the Italian man masturbating and flashing his genitalia at the kids.

The children were four girls and one boy. The dad claims to have seen it, but he thought his kids were not aware of the filthy deed the man was doing.

Although that seems like a crazy assertion, the Thai parent has the evidence to support it.

The Italian man is seen in his video flaunting off and grasping his genitalia while riding a motorcycle, according to The Pattaya News. He then gets in his car and leaves.

The Italian man entered Thailand on a non-immigrant visa on September 29 of this year, according to immigration and police.

He lived in the Nong Prue neighborhood of Bang Lamung, close to the Raiwanasin Market.

Regarding his time in Thailand, no other details were provided, and the individual refused to speak to the media.

He allegedly acknowledged behaving impolitely in public and received a meager fine of 3,000 baht as punishment.

The Italian man will have his visa withdrawn if he returns to Thailand and is found engaging in sexually explicit behavior in front of youngsters, according to the police, who have recorded the event.

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