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Iranian Man in Pattaya Accused of Kidnapping, Raping then Shaving the Head of Ex-Girlfriend

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PATTAYA – A 21-year-old Thai woman has accused her Iranian ex-boyfriend of kidnapping her in full view of others and then forcibly detaining and raping her before shaving her head in a condominium room in Jomtien.

Mohsen Sarafrazi, 39, turned himself in to police on Friday morning after the court issued a warrant for his arrest, and denied all charges. He claimed she was just jealous.

The young woman, her head shaved, was accompanied by a foreign friend when she filed a complaint with Pattaya police on Thursday night. She was identified only as Neung, of Prachin Buri.

She told police her ex-husband had a condominium rental business in Pattaya.

He approached her on Walking Street in South Pattaya around 3.30am on Wednesday, grabbed and forcibly took her to his motorcycle. She called for help and an American tourist tried to intervene, but the Iranian’s two companions kept him away and said it was a family affair, threatening to assault if he became involved.

Ms Neung said the Iranian took her to a condominium room on Jomtien beach, where she was handcuffed and detained. He put a mask on her and kept threatening her, she said. He allegedly demanded that she return 30,000 baht to him by Oct 15, or he would send his men to assault her. He also asked her to sign a contract as evidence, before raping her twice.

She alleged Mr Mohsen then shaved her head and would not let her leave the room. She pretended to agree, but later told him she needed to fetch her clothes from her room before returning to stay with him. Convinced, he let her leave, she said.

She later consulted her friends before deciding to file the complaint, and feared for her own safety, Ms Neung said.

Mr Mohsen on Friday told police he ran a motorcycle rental service and managed foreign affairs for a company in Pattaya, saying he had a work permit.


Iranian National Mohsen Sarafrazi, 39, accused of forcibly detaining and raping his ex-Thai girlfriend and then shaving her head, turned himself in to Pattaya police and denies all charges. -Photo Chaiyot Pupattanapong

He rejected the woman’s allegations of rape and kidnapping, saying they had been romantically involved for one year before separating. He had met her on Walking Street by chance and then took her to his condominium room. He denied using force.

He claimed he neither handcuffed nor assaulted her. He admitted he had sex with her, but said it was with her consent.

Mr Mohsen also denied shaving her head, saying she did it herself. After they had sex, the woman had checked his mobile phone and saw photos of an Iranian woman, his new girlfriend. He claimed Ms Neung acted out of jealousy after seeing the photos.

Pattaya police chief Pol Col Apichai Krobphet said investigators would view surveillance camera recordings on Walking Street and then put the case to public prosecutors.

Earlier on the same day, Ms Neung was called in to give further statements to Pol Col Apichai and Pol Lt Col Piyapong Ensarn, Pattaya tourist inspector about the incident.

Ms Neung later gave another statement to police, saying she said and the man had been sweethearts for one year, but she left him four months ago because he often assaulted her.

She said she spoke the truth and would fight the case to the end.

By Chaiyot Pupattanapong
The Bangkok Post

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