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German Killer Michael Kristien Ditrish Caught in Khon Kaen



Udon Thani police arrested a jealous German who fatally stabbed his Thai girl friend 17 times. The German confessed that he did it out of jealousy because his girlfriend chatted with another man on Facebook in front of him.


CHIANGRAI TIMES – Udon Thani police reported that Mr. Michael Kristien Ditrish age 29, German national had been arrested charged with murder. Mr. Michael a skinhead wearing an earring with the swastika, nazi symbol. The police had to talk to him all the time because they were afraid that he would commit suicide.

Pol. Col. Taweesak said that at 00:30 May 8, 2012 Pol. Capt. Ratchaphol Morarat, Udon Thani police station was notified about a fatal stabbing at Together Bar & Café and Internet shop on Wattananuwong road, Udon Thani province.

At the scene the police found the corpse of Mrs. Janthavee Miller age 34 lying on the floor in a pool of blood with 17 stab wounds on her body.

The suspect was Mr. Michael, her boy friend.Who after the stabbing escaped in a Toyota Vios bronze color, license number KOR TOR 962 Udon Thani.

Later at 10:00 the police was notified by the local people that they had found the car of the suspect parked at Phoechai 1 community, Nonsoong, district Udon Thani.

The police arrived and found the front of the car was damaged and the front left wheel, the rubber was torn and there was the blood on the driver’s door.

The witness said that approximately at 01:00 he heard a loud screeching sound of a car’s wheel hitting the pavement.

As he came out he saw 2 or 3 men got off the car and one of them spoke Thai language he said, “park here” and then disappeared into the nearby Soi.

The police assumed that Mr. Michael escaped with a Thai friend and had a car accident so they abandoned the car and ran off.

At 03:00 on May 9 the detectives traced Mr. Michael through his mobile phone number.

They suspect he was hiding in Silachol resort in Khon Kaen.

At the resort in the room the police found, beer, bread, cans of food and a lots of drinking water.

Upon investigation Pol. Col. Taweesak said that, Mrs. Janthavee used to have a British husband whom she divorced.

Later she met Mr. Michael and they lived together until Mrs. Janthavee met a Frenchman named Mr. Peter who worked in an entertainment center near the bar & internet shop.

Mr. Michael knew she talked to Mr. Peter but after Mr. Peter went back to France everything was OK.

Until the Frenchman returned then Mrs. Janthavee contacted him again. Chatting on the Facebook and finally Mr. Michael became furious and killed Mrs. Janthavee.

The suspect confessed that he arrived in Thailand last year for the first time and liked Thailand very much.

He was once drinking beer at Mister Thong shop when he met Mrs. Janthavee Miller.

He fell in love with her and wanted to live her. They moved in together. But things changed, she started talking with other foreign men and gambling .

Mr. Michael paid her gambling debts totally 100,000 THB.

Before the stabbing. he was drinking beer heavily at Mister Thong shop.Then he walked over to the internet to see her.

There was Mrs. Janthavee but she didn’t want to talk to him, she was chatting again with the Frenchman on Facebook.

Then Mr. Michael lost his temper. Shouted in anger and suddenly stabbed her with a folding 17 times until she fell on the floor and died.

The suspect confessed that he didn’t think before that he would kill his girl friend but because of the overpowering feeling of jealousy and the drunkenness he did it.

The Thai man who helped the suspect to escape was investigated. he said he was only hired to drive the car.

The suspect said that during the time he stayed at resort if the police had not arrived within 7 days to arrest him he would commit suicide.

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