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Former Policeman Destroys Airport Gate Computer after Missing Flight

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Don Muang Airport has lodged a complaint against a former policeman who destroyed their gate computer after missing his flight on Saturday. Airports of Thailand said the former policeman screamed at airline workers, then proceeded to destroy their computer at the departure gate.

On Monday airport representatives filed charges with police even though the former policeman later apologized. After calming down he admitted he had been too late to board the flight.

The former policeman, whose name was still being withheld paid for the damage he caused plus compensation to the airline.

A video of the incident went viral on Saturday evening. showing a woman scolding the airline workers and the man throwing a tantrum and threatening to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Board.

They are seen berating staff at the boarding gate despite arriving at 5.56pm for a flight to Khon Kaen that was due to depart just four minutes later. Passengers are warned that gates close 20 minutes before departure time.

The man, who was a police major at Na Mon police station in Kalasin before quitting the force to run a business in 2014, is then seen grabbing the staff’s computer monitor and hurling it to the floor.

Thailand AirAsia airline, who ran the flight, said it was due to depart at 6pm and arrive at 7.15pm, with passengers invited to board from 5.20pm. After that, the airline remained at the gate calling out to remind passengers who had not yet boarded to do so, which is routinely done.

The airline said the couple were refused permission to board the plane as they had not followed well-known instructions