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Former Boxer Arrested for Attacking Girl and Kidnapping 2 Women

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A former boxer who assaulted a girl and two women in northeastern Thailand has been arrested and charged with five serious crimes.

Police revealed on Tuesday (Nov 15) that Nampetch Phurat, 33, had confessed to physically attacking three female victims after riding up to them on his motorcycle.

The first victim was a 15-year-old student who was beaten in front of a school at around 11am. The girl fought back and managed to escape.

Nampetch then searched for another target and spotted a 21-year-old woman at 8.30pm. He tried to grab her but she ran, triggering a chase.

Nampetch then kidnapped the woman and drove her to another location, 20 kilometres away from where she was taken. However, the pair were spotted by members of the public, who fought him off and brought the woman to safety.

Nampetch then continued his rampage by abducting a 30-year-old woman, but her screams drew the attention of people nearby and she escaped. The attacker faces five charges – sexual harassment, physical assault, forced detention, robbery and drug possession.

Former minister get life sentence for kidnapping and murder

Meanwhile, a court has sentenced former deputy commerce minister Banyin Tangpakorn to death, with the penalty reduced to life in prison for useful testimony. Five other defendants, who were also convicted of collaborating in the murder of a judge’s brother five years ago, got commuted life or death sentences.

The Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases on Tuesday took two hours to read the sentences for the six defendants.

Pol Lt Col Banyin, 56, the first and third defendant in this case, was found guilty of five charges from kidnapping to murder.

For detaining a person causing his death, Pol Lt Col Banyin was sentenced to death. The other charges he was found guilty of were collaborating in a premeditated murder (death), impersonating an official (1 year in prison), wearing an official’s uniform (1 year) and hiding or destroying a body (4 years).

Since the court found his testimony useful, it commuted his sentence by one third to life in prison. The jail term was added to the eight-year sentence he is currently serving in a share-transfer case linked to this case.

The second defendant, who drove the car used in the murder, was convicted of collaborating in a premeditated murder. He got a life sentence, commuted to 33 years and four months in prison.

The fourth to sixth defendants were guilty of collaborating in detaining a person causing his death and demanding a ransom. They were sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment.

The court found the six guilty of all charges except being members of a secret society or criminal association since the crime did not meet some elements of the offence, such as sitting down together to plot a crime.