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Family of Murdered Expat Look for his Missing 3 Year Old Son



Dr Hercules Duvel voices concern yesterday over the well-being of his dead brother’s young son.


CHIANGRAI TIMES – Dr Hercules Duvel, a doctor who lives in Australia, said he feared for the safety of his three-year-old nephew, after the slaying of the boy’s father, his brother Oswald, a week ago.

Oswald Duvel’s body was found in Saraburi last Sunday. His former wife Kacharin and her half-brother Surasith Panchathepmonkol were charged by police on Friday, and made to re-enact their crime, after confessing that they lured Duvel into a car and shot him several times.

Kacharin and Duvel had been involved in a court fight for custody of their son. With the boy’s mother, uncle and grandmother arrested over the slaying of Duvel, police believe the mother’s relatives are caring for the boy.

Oswald Duvel’s body was found in Saraburi last Sunday

But the victims’ family say they have no idea where the boy is, and it looked yesterday that the police weren’t sure about the boy’s exact whereabouts either.

Dr Duvel spoke at a press conference at the Sheraton Grande Hotel on Saturday to strongly deny allegations by the accused that Oswald had mistreated his wife and son, and not provided them with an income.

“We are very concerned about his son. We are hoping to see him before we return [to Australia and his sisters to South Africa],” he said.

“We would love to take care of his son. But we would take advice from the courts on what would be best for his precious son. We’ll have to wait for what the courts say is best.”

“He loved his son and would have laid down his life for him… He never raised his voice to him. He would in no way harm the child.”

Dr Duvel, 49, praised the Thai police for the swift arrests of his brother’s killers.

He described his older brother as his hero, and said that as the eldest child he had always stood up for him and his four sisters.

“I have lost my parents but when I heard about his death, this was a pain I’d never felt before. It was horrible. I wish he could be here today.”

Claims he did not support his former wife were untrue, as his brother was paying well over what the court asked him to provide to his former wife, he said, despite regularly being denied access to his boy.

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