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Egyptian Man Busted for Running Protection Racket in Bangkok

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Egyptian Man Busted for Running Protection Racket in Bangkok

An 37 year-old Egyptian man has been arrested for mafia ties and running a protection racket in Bangkok. Police said the man is an alleged drug dealer and had alleged ties to a foreign mafia gang in Bangkok.

An investigation revealed the man is connected to the sale of Narcotics and is tied to a mafia gang. The gang collected money from foreigners in exchange for alleged protection. The group claimed they could provide safety to foreigners against people the police couldn’t catch or and or those under their protection.

Foreigners payed monthly and those who refused faced threats and some were even harmed by the foreign gang.

The mafia gang would also visit entertainment venues in Bangkok with the goal to sell drugs to foreigners. Police checked Mohamed’s visa history and discovered he had overstayed in Thailand for 1,772 days.

The suspect admitted that he had previously been in legal trouble for selling crystal meth in 2017. He has since been arrested and is waiting for prosecution.

Foreign Mafia Gangs in Bangkok

There have been similar cases in Thailand where foreigners have form gangs acting as mafia against other foreigners residing and working in Thailand. Many have fallen victim o believing they gain protection from the groups or simply because they are afraid of trouble.

Police are continuing the investigation in the case to find others connected to Mohamed and his crimes.

A similar case is Ali (Last Name Withheld) a 24-year-old from Jordan who has since been deported for overstaying his Visa, offered foreigners from the Middle East protection, for foreigners remaining in Thailand illegally.

Ali told people he had strong connections to people in the government and he was able to get anyone out of trouble. He also said he had other connections to mafia in the country. Ali told police he liked Thailand because money is easy to make while the cost of living is low. He was arrested in February of this year.

Foreign Pickpocket Gangs

Last year, tourist police raided a hostel where they nabbed a gang of Chinese pickpockets. “They stayed in many rooms, each sleeping eight people,” Pol Maj Gen Woraphong said.

Investigators found these suspects had hunted for victims in other areas and stayed at the hostel pretending they were backpackers. Cheap accommodation of between 200-300 baht a night, coupled with cheap street food, allowed them to stay there for a long period.

However, taking refuge around Khao San is uncommon among experienced transnational criminals as they are aware the area is often a target for police patrols.

“So most of the wrongdoers in hiding are new criminal suspects,” Pol Maj Gen Woraphong said. The arrests have prompted police to keep a closer eye on Chinese nationals.

Pol Maj Gen Woraphong said his agency works with the Immigration Bureau to look for foreigner suspects, especially those facing arrest warrants by Interpol.

To better prevent crimes, police do not keep them under surveillance quietly but will “show themselves to scare suspects from committing criminal acts,” Pol Maj Gen Woraphong said.